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Egyptian Hieroglyph Swim Trunks, Swimmers, Bathers, Board Shorts - White

Egyptian Hieroglyph Swim Trunks, Swimmers, Bathers, Board Shorts - White

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Dive into a timeless blend of style and history with our Egyptian Hieroglyph Print Swim Trunks, available in classic black and white. Crafted from 100% recycled polyester, these swim trunks not only make a fashion statement but also uphold a commitment to sustainability.

The striking design of these trunks features authentic ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, an intricate script that once conveyed the secrets of a glorious civilization. Hieroglyphs were used to record important historical events, stories of the gods, and everyday life in the Nile Valley. Now, you can wear a piece of this rich history while enjoying modern-day comfort and functionality.

Our swim trunks are designed for both fashion-forward individuals and eco-conscious consumers. The recycled polyester material ensures a comfortable fit and is environmentally responsible. The quick-dry fabric is perfect for a day at the beach or a casual swim, while the elastic waistband and adjustable drawstring provide a secure and customizable fit.

Make a bold statement with a nod to ancient Egypt's fascinating past while making a positive impact on our planet. Our Egyptian Hieroglyph Print Swim Trunks are a fusion of history and sustainability that will turn heads and make you feel great about your choice.

Width, cm 36.83 38.10 40.64 41.91 44.45 46.99 48.26
Length, cm 36.83 38.10 39.88 40.89 43.18 44.45 45.72
Inseam length, cm 13.21 13.21 14.22 14.22 15.75 15.75 15.75

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