Crown of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor

Egyptian Crown Collection

Discover our carefully curated selection showcases the essence of ancient Egypt's rich cultural heritage, offering a stunning array of headpieces that exude elegance and allure...

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Egyptian Inspired Apparel

Elevate your fashion game with our exquisite collection of Egyptian inspired clothing that merges artistic craftsmanship with unparalleled comfort...

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Unique Egyptian Homeware & Artifact Collection

Each item is meticulously created by skilled artisans, combining modern craftsmanship with time-honoured techniques. Experience the rich textures...

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Egyptian Jewellery & Ritual Items Collection

Welcome to the Living Horus sanctuary for your soul and a haven for mindful living...

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Egyptian Pet Collection

From stylish pet accessories to cozy bedding, our collection has everything you need to pamper your furry friends...

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About Living Horus Designs

About Us

What is in a Name?

Why Living Horus? We're glad you asked! The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were given 5 names when they ascended the throne. One of them was known as their Horus name, as Pharaoh was considered to be the living embodiment of Horus on Earth.

Since the role of Pharaoh was thought to be the highest spiritual evolution humankind could strive for on the earthly plain, it seemed that the name Living Horus was a title one strives to achieve in the pursuit of perfection.

About Living Horus Designs

Living Horus Designs has existed in one form or another since it's inception by Blair Parkinson in 2005. Created to showcase his work as a Visual Artist and Stage Designer, it has evolved even further over the years and rose phoenix-like out of the ashes of Covid-19's initial devastating impact.

Living Horus Designs was re-established also as a way for Blair to rehabilitate himself and maintain independence after a serious Brain Injury in mid-2016. Seven years later the success of the venture has led to creating a partnership by bringing his husband-to-be, Zac Chalkley in as co-owner.

We now look forward to a very bright future, one where we maintain the beauty, spirituality and essence of ancient Kemet by keeping the flame alive.


Commissions are currently accepted and if you have something in mind please do not hesitate to contact us via the links at the bottom of each page, or simply send us a message using the form below.

Whether it be something wearable, small furnishings, costume and cosplay pieces, armour, digital artwork, wall art or object d'arte, over 35 years of training and experience in the industry ensures I am able to manifest your ideas into reality. 

Commission Terms and Conditions

Contact us with what you have in mind and I'll be in touch to discuss your request.  

On acceptance of your commission I ask for a non-refundable deposit of 50% which covers my initial outlay and ensures your place in the queue.  Payment is either by bank transfer or PayPal, whichever is easiest for you.

Turnaround time of course depends on the item commissioned, this will be discussed during the initial stages as will postage, which is extra.  Items which are required urgently will incur additional fee of 20% of the total fee.

Please note for digital artwork and commissions there is a limit of 2 lots of amendments before incurring an extra fee of $50 per amendment.

My operatic set designs are also available for performance use as projections for a negotiable price.

For more information or to discuss your ideas, don't hesitate to drop us a line.