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Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Crown, Headdress

Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Crown, Headdress

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The famous blue flat top crown worn by the timeless beauty, Queen Nefertiti, Great Royal Wife of the 18th dynasty pharaoh, Akhenaten. She was made famous by her bust, now in Berlin's Neues Museum. The bust is one of the most copied works of ancient Egypt. It was attributed to the sculptor Thutmose, and it was found in his workshop.

This wearable piece is made from strong, durable EVA Foam, acrylic paints and acrylic ornaments.

All you need to do is send me your head measurement and I will create one to fit.

Please note this item is not a toy and should be treated with care. It is not recommended to use or store in high temperatures, heat can affect the bonding agents and finish.

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