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Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ptolemy Hemhem Crown

Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ptolemy Hemhem Crown

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The Ptolemaic hemhem crown is an ancient Egyptian ceremonial headgear that was worn by pharaohs during the Ptolemaic period (305 BC to 30 BC). The crown was made of gold and featured a unique design that included multiple levels of decoration, including feathers, cobras, and sun disks.

The hemhem crown was believed to symbolize the pharaoh's connection to the gods and their power over the natural world. The crown was worn during important ceremonies, such as the Sed festival, and was often depicted in temple reliefs and hieroglyphics.

Individually made from strong, durable EVA foam and acrylic paints and ornaments. Featuring the protective Ureaus serpent prominently on brow, this piece is perfect as either a display piece or wearable.

It is recommended to wear and display the headdress at moderate temperatures as heat can affect the bonding agents and finish.

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