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Ancient Egyptian Crown of the God Amun-Ra

Ancient Egyptian Crown of the God Amun-Ra

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Amun was revered as the king of gods and god of creation. He was often depicted with a tall plumed crown, holding a scepter and ankh symbolizing life. Amun was worshipped from the New Kingdom period to the end of the Pharaonic era. The city of Thebes was the center of his cult, and his temple at Karnak is one of the largest religious structures in the world.

Over time Amun merged with other gods, such as Ra, Min and Ptah. He was also associated with fertility, and his name means "hidden" or "invisible."

Made from sturdy EVA foam and embellished with acrylic, this reproduction is based on statues, funerary art and temple wall carvings, particularly those found at Karnak.

Plumes are 50cm in height, ram horns are 40cm in width.

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