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Ancient Egyptian Crown, Hedjet Crown, Pharaoh Crown

Ancient Egyptian Crown, Hedjet Crown, Pharaoh Crown

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Hedjet or 'White One' in Ancient Egyptian is the formal name for the white crown of Upper Egypt during the Pre-Dynastic period. This crown symbolizes the power of the Pharaoh reaching from the delta of Alexandria to Abu Simbel and bordering the Nubian Desert. Featuring the head of the cobra goddess Wadjet the goddess of kingship and the sky god Horus was often depicted wearing the 'White Crown'.

This crown is often depicted with the Deshret the 'Red Crown' of Lower Egypt. Upon the unification of the two kingdoms during the 1st Dynasty the Pschent or 'Double Crown' was fashioned for the Pharaoh Menes.

The 'White Crown' is crafted from EVA foam with acrylic ornament and brilliant finish.

All three crowns are available on the store.

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